Century Casinos, a gaming company based in Colorado, has decided to acquire St. Albertís Apex Casino. The gambling house is situated in Alberta, Canada. It is supposed to be one of the best properties in the country.
The casino, formerly known as McPherson Casino and Gold Dust Casino, has been operating for twenty years. Century Casinos paid $27.9 million for this gambling establishment. The casino whose area reached 34,500 square feet could offer 382 slots, 11 gaming tables, a banquet hall, and a restaurant.
Geoff Smith, Director of the representative office of Century Casinos in Alberta, reported that the negotiations concerning the acquisition of the company started almost one year ago. The casino attracted the attention of the investor due to its location near the Anthony Henday. It is the first orbital road in Canada, whose construction will be soon completed.
According to Mr. Smith, the gambling house will be updated and renovated in the near future. To emphasize the fact that the property is owned by Century Casinos, the facility will be renamed to Century Casino. According to the companyís policy, former employees of St. Albertís Apex Casino will not be dismissed, since they have shown their high-quality professional skills. 
Century Casinos, which has expanded its activities in North America by the purchase of St. Albertís Apex Casino, has a lot of gambling houses in the United States and Canada, as well as in Poland and Caribbean countries.
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