The acquisition of Playtika by Caesars Entertainment Corporation in 2011 had a positive impact on the company. It has brought a huge profit to its owners since that time. At the moment, the staff of the company, which is a multi-platform social games developer, includes 1,300 employees. Despite the fact that the company is quite big, it is still able to grow and develop. Chinese investors led by Shanghai Giant Network Technology have estimated the potential of this developer and decided to acquire it. The Chinese consortium is willing to pay $4.4 billion for Playtika.
It should be noted that gambling is prohibited in China. However, this fact has not affected the decision of the local investors to purchase the Israeli-based software developer. They believe that the company will be profitable over the long run. The company has significantly increased its value since the time when Caesars Entertainment Corporation acquired it for only 170,000,000 dollars in 2011. You can only imagine how successful this acquisition was for Caesars Entertainment!
The Chinese investors want to improve their positions on the international gambling market. The local gambling market is immense. Even taking into account the fact that gambling is illegal in the country, games of chance can bring enormous revenues. Playtika can generate huge profits, since it is one of the leading software developers. Moreover, the company is engaged in manufacturing products for mobile devices. 
Despite the fact that Playtika is bought by the Chinese consortium, it will save a share of its independence. The games developed by the company will be available for free. The buyers donít want to change this feature of the company.
The details of the final agreement are still being discussed. The negotiations will come to an end in the fourth quarter of 2016. However, the issue of the acquisition is beyond any doubt.
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