Colombia's betting controller plans to fourfold its number of online licensees by next summer's FIFA World Cup in Russia. A month ago, Colombia authoritatively invited Spanish gaming administrator Codere as its fifth directed market internet betting licensee. This week, Juan B. Pérez Hidalgo, leader of Colombian gaming controller Coljuegos, told nearby media outlet Portafolio that he would like to have 20 authorized online administrators taking bets on next summer's FIFA activity. 

Pérez Hidalgo guaranteed the nation's five online licensees had so far enrolled a consolidated aggregate of almost 50k clients. Coordinate commitments from web based betting duties and charges ought to enable Coljuegos to exchange between COP4b-4.5b to the country's social insurance framework in 2017, a figure Pérez Hidalgo hopes to develop essentially one year from now. Tallying continues from all types of betting, Coljuegos' exchanges to the restorative framework from the begin of the year all the way to the finish of October totaled COP 465.4b, up 19% from a similar period a year ago. 

Pérez Hidalgo said Coljuegos' aggregate accumulations from all types of betting were relied upon to rise 10-12% of every 2018. Pérez noticed this was well beneath the past two years, in which continues were up more than 33%, yet recommended this was because of the division being formalized and creating arrangements of capable gaming. Coljuegos has no plans to force a top on the quantity of online licenses it intends to issue, in view of Pérez Hidalgo's conviction that having "numerous" administrators cultivates rivalry, and that advantages the players. Discussing profiting players, Colombia's first official online licensee, Aquila Global Group's Wplay.co, as of late marked on to support the Colombian Olympic Committee, a move that Wplay general supervisor Julio César Tamayo said showed his organization's reasonable exhibition of help for all games. 

Prior this year, in planning for the dispatch of its controlled online market, Coljuegos collaborated with the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications to boycott 325 areas of universal web based betting administrators who took into account nearby punters without a neighborhood permit. Pérez Hidalgo said for the current week that this boycott had since developed to 380 mischievous names. Coljuegos has likewise been occupied with combatting unapproved arrive based gaming administrators. So far this year, the controller has seized 3,151 unlawful opening machines and close down 415 illicit games wagering settings and 41 bingo corridors. Pérez Hidalgo asked devoted Colombians to "decry" all operations that didn't add to the country's social insurance framework.

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