The leading American, Asian and European gambling operators are searching for the modern and reliable methods to regulate critical business information and develop surveillance technologies. Synectics, which is a California-based company that is engaged in providing information technology services, and eConnect, which is a Las Vegas-based company that develops loss prevention software, have decided to cooperate in order to provide the casino operators with all the necessary software and equipment.
Both teams of professionals will unite their forces to develop an integrated video, data analytics and process management solutions. 
They have already successfully cooperated while developing solutions for some gambling facilities in the Philippines and Singapore. 
Software released by Synetics allows taking control over data on transactions, video, and alarms. As for eConnect, it offers the following products: POSConnect, CasinoConnect, and eCounter. These applications provide analytical materials concerning various aspects of casino operations.
The cooperation of both companies allows their customers to monitor transactional and analytical data using a single interface. 
Henry Valentino, CEO of eConnect, believes that Synectics and eConnect have a lot of common plans and aims. Both teams focus on providing useful and meaningful solutions. 
Joint projects of Synectics and eConnect are currently available at some Asian casinos. For example, one of the Singapore-based portals is using software manufactured by Synergy in order to get and show real-time transactions pushed from eConnectís POS, baccarat and slot databases. 
There are also other opportunities provided by software of both companies. For instance, it is possible to monitor the statistics of a particular dealer, i.e. all games and winnings can be reviewed. Thus, the applications allow identifying frauds and scams much more efficiently. 
Both companies are also elaborating two-way integration solutions. They have decided to combine usually separate gaming and corporate networks.
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