Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has prepared a schedule of all available events and tournaments that will take place at the casino. The Identity Membership & Rewards customers of the gambling facility will be able to compete for generous prizes.
The first event is called 100 Days of Summer $100,000 Giveaway. As you can notice from its title, its duration is one hundred days (June 20 - September 27). The daily prize pool of the tournament is $1,000. The winner will receive $500.
The second event is called 2016 Holiday Cash Back. It will take place from August 1 to December 11. According to terms of this event, the customers of the casino can exchange 15,000 Identity Slot Points for 45 dollars between December 1 and December 11. 
Delta Gift Card Giveaway will be held during four days starting from August 11. According to its terms, users can win a $50 Delta gift card for 6,000 Identity Slot Points gained during the period when this promotion is available. 
The three-day $35,000 Paradise Payout Slot Tournament will start on August 28. The tournament allows customers to earn up to $10,000 in Identity Play.
The $100,000 Up, Up and Away Slot Tournament will take place from September 29 to October 1. It is also intended for Identity Membership & Rewards gamblers. Users can compete for $40,000 in Identity Play. The top thirty finishers will obtain $1,000 or even more in Identity Play, whereas any player who takes part in the promotion will get $125 in Identity Play. 
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has decided to cooperate with CG Technology in order to hold the Summer Games Betting Seminar at 1 p.m. on August 5. It will include presentations on sports betting, including wagering on the outcome of the Olympic Games. 
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