Police believe that a couple from Jefferson County used a glitch at River City Casino to steal up to $300,000. This happened in St. Louis, Missouri. The technical defect allowed Daniel T. Sheldon and his spouse Eileen R. Sheldon to transfer illegal payouts on their accounts. Despite the fact that transactions were prohibited by the system, money was transferred.
According to the trial contests, Eileen Sheldon discovered the system glitch in 2014. This technical error allowed her to transfer money over 3,000 times. The total amount of stolen funds reached $582,353.
During her arrest, she said that the funds had been withdrawn for another person. She told that she had shared information about the glitch with her husband. He also used this error to steal money in 2014. He managed to transfer $300,618, making more than one thousand illegal transactions. Daniel T. Sheldon was caught red-handed while cashing out money.
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