Dutch authorities continue to limit the activities of Curacao-licensed operators. However, the restriction rate is still being discussed. The reason for such activities of the Government of the Netherlands is the potential links between operators with licenses issued by Curacao and illegal gambling. 
Several Dutch politicians, including Ronald Plasterk, Stef Blok, and Ronald van Raak have concerns that the Curacao-licensed operators may be related to the criminal organizations.
Stef Blok, who is a member of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy and the Minister for Housing and the Central Government Sector, and Klass Dijkhoff, the State Secretary for Security and Justice, have decided to prevent local gamblers from gambling websites operated by the organizations with licenses issued by Curacao by blocking access to them.
It is believed that the operators with licenses from Curacao can offer illegal gambling activities on the Dutch market protecting themselves by these licenses. This allows generating huge profits. As for the treasury of the Netherlands, it cannot be filled with revenues from taxes on gambling.
According to Stef Blok, the Government of Curacao is responsible for such activities of Curacao-licensed operators. Therefore, it is necessary to take control over operators and issue licenses responsibly. 
So, the companies that want to join the Dutch gambling market will have to select new licensing authorities, since the Dutch government is well aware of illegal activities that take place under the protectorate of licenses issued by Curacao. And the Dutch authorities have finally decided to cease illegal gambling activities and combat the organized crime.
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