The team of poker players who had suffered from the 2014 Borgata Chipgate Scandal filed a lawsuit against Marina District Finance Co. Inc, a parent company of The Borgata for a higher reward. However, they lost.
Letís briefly describe this fraud. Firstly, poker tokens worth 800,000 dollars were used in a $2 million Guaranteed tournament. However, this scam was discovered by the officials. So, the casino decided to stop the tournament, make an investigation, and pay compensations for gamblers. But they filed a lawsuit against the casino. 
Christian Lusardi was tried to cheat while playing in the tournament. He wagered fake chips until their amount reached 800,000 dollars. However, he was eliminated. This fraud was noticed by other players and officials. So, the administration of casino decided to cease the gameplay when 27 participants were still competing for a title. The investigation was carried out with the Division of Gaming Enforcement.
The investigating authorities found counterfeit casino tokens worth 1,200,000 dollars in a Christian Lusardiís hotel room.
According to the investigation, the actions of The Borgata were correct and the tournament was ceased legally. It was decided that The Borgata would pay out $19,232 to each of the remaining poker players. In addition, $560 was provided for each of 2,143 participants busted earlier.
The poker players were not satisfied with the decision. The leaders of that tournament who could win over 300,000 dollars were especially disappointed. So, Jacob Musterel filed a lawsuit against Marina District Finance Co. Inc for paying out entry fees, plain tickets, and hotel accommodations. 
However, the poker players failed in their lawsuit attempt. According to the decision of the Division of Gaming Enforcement, everything was done correctly. Players received their compensations. Moreover, the prize pool was equally split between 27 remaining finalists. 
As for the main character of this sad story, Christian Lusardi was sentenced to five years in jail. At the moment, he is in prison.
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