DraftKings, which is an American operator of daily fantasy sports, has decided to enter the British gambling market. The first step has been recently done. We are talking about the purchase of a platform for daily fantasy sports. It is called TransferKings.
The cause of this acquisition is obvious. The legalization of daily fantasy sports is still being discussed, so the company cannot rely on the U.S. market. However, it is possible to offer its services in the United Kingdom. As for TransferKings, the operator is also interested in this deal, since it allows British customers to participate in large-scale real-money events and to forget about playing for fun.
There is no access to information about the deal, including the price of the acquisition.
According to representatives of DraftKings, this deal will help to attract numerous customers from the United Kingdom. Fans of daily fantasy sports will be able to enjoy all opportunities of the DraftKings platform.
The site of TransferKings has already been redirected to the website of DraftKings. 
TransferKings, which has been providing its services since July 2015, wants to thank its regular customers for their trust. However, they should not be upset, since DraftKings is an operator that provides even a larger portfolio of games with huger payouts.
DraftKings can boast over seven million fans of daily fantasy sports all over the world. The company has decided to offer games devoted to Euro 2016 and Copa America on the eve of these two major football events of the summer 2016.
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