eSports is supposed to be a new form of sports that can be used by bettors to wager on. The opportunity to bet on the outcome of eSports competitions has recently appeared. However, the eSports industry is currently developing extremely quickly. eSports offers very good wagering prospects, which were discussed last month in the United Kingdom at the eSports Betting Summit. It is interesting to note that almost all representatives of the eGaming market gathered in this conference.
Initially, the development of eSports was catalyzed by customers from Asian countries. Numerous gamers from Korea and other states enjoy playing Starcraft. Fans of this kind of eSports take part in tournaments, which are broadcast and attract even more viewers than the NBA finals.
The potential of eSports was appreciated by the leading bookmakers of the world. We are talking about bet365 Sports, William Hill, and Betway Sports. These world-renowned companies provide bettors with numerous opportunities to wager daily. The popularity of eSports allows them to enjoy a huge profit. Bookmakers allow betting on such games as League of Legends, World of Tanks, Star Craft 2, Quake, etc. Besides, gamers may take part in championships that offer huge prize pools.
International eSports Federation was founded in 2008. It promotes legalization of eSports all over the world. For example, it has already become legal in Austria, South Korea, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, and Taiwan.
EA Sports focuses on promoting eSports and creating new games and championships.
Activision Blizzard, which is a publisher of Call of Duty, purchased Major League Gaming (MLG) for $46 million in order to intensify its participation in eSports. It was one of the most important agreements on the eSports market.
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