European Gaming Media and Events, the main media and boutique gaming occasions coordinator in the CEE, Baltics and Balkans, is glad to declare Global Legal Group  as its most recent key accomplice. The organization will see a joint effort between the occasions fragment of European Gaming and the International Comparative Legal Guide to: Gambling which covers regular issues in betting laws and directions – including important experts, application for a permit and permit confinements, denial of a permit, implementation and risk, and foreseen changes from numerous purviews. 

We are respected to begin a cooperation with GLG, who are a main media organization represent considerable authority in the legitimate market. We are certain that the agents going to our occasions will exploit the materials that will be dispersed by the group. GLG has demonstrated itself as a main distributer in numerous training zones and lead the route in covering Gambling Laws and Regulations. Zoltán Tűndik, Head of Business at European Gaming Media and Events. 

As distributers of the International Comparative Legal Guide to: Gambling, a cross-fringe investigation of normal issues in gaming laws and controls in more than 30 purviews, we are eager to affirm our organization with Europe Gaming Media and Events. These occasions are set to offer profitable bits of knowledge into the European gaming market, with subjects secured including consistence refreshes, authorizing, AML and machine learning. We anticipate sharing our productions at the occasion, which we are certain agents and speakers alike will discover down to earth and intriguing. Rory Smith, Publisher at Global Legal Group. The initial two coordinated efforts between the two organizations will begin with the current year's Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference Budapest and European Gaming Congress Ljubljana.

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