On Sunday night, the winner of the first World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions was determined. His name is Farid Yachou. He received 381,600 dollars for his first place. In addition to this amount, the winner was awarded numerous valuable prizes: a 2106 Chevrolet Corvette, a Hublot King Power Unico Titanium wristwatch, an exclusive Solid Gold Mastercard credit card from Aurae, a pair of golden headphones called Monster 24K, a premium-class custom-made poker table, manufactured by the BBO Poker Tables, an opportunity to participate in the Tiger's Poker Night, which is an exclusive charity event whose host is Tiger Woods (a legendary golfer), as well as a round of golf with Matt Savage for the winner and two guests at Shadow Creek (Las Vegas, Nevada). According to the organizers, the total price of all additional prizes is roughly 150,000 dollars. This victory helped Yachou to earn over 600,000 dollars in his career.

The first player who was eliminated from the final game of the Tournament of Champions on the hand № 38 was Darren Elias, a two-time winner of the WPT events. Yachou had a pair of jacks. He pushed all in on the preflop. Elias called. He had a queen of diamonds and ten. The other players fold. The flop brought a king and a pair of nines. An eight appeared on the turn. A three showed up on the river. Elias got the 6th place and 58,300 dollars.

Just two hands later, Noah Schwartz was eliminated with a 5th-place finish and 74,200 dollars. He moved all in, having an ace and five, from the small blind. Michael Mizrachi called, having a jack and queen of hearts. The flop brought a king, seven, and deuce. A three was dealt on the turn. A jack was on the river. It allowed Mizrachi to win.

Jonathan Jaffe took the 4th place and won 95 400 dollars, despite the fact that he had entered the final round as a chip leader. He was eliminated on the hand №45, when his ten and king of clubs were beaten by a Vlad Darie’s pair of queens. As soon as Jaffe was eliminated, Mizrachi had half of all available chips, and he should have made a deal with the remaining finalists. However, he hesitated and the situation began to change dramatically. First, an impressive number of his chips moved to Yachou, making him a leader. So, the initiative was grabbed by Darie, and Mizrachi continued to lose his chips. On the hand №60, Mizrahi raised to 50,000, having a king and nine. Yachou moved all in, having a pair of fours. Mizrahi called. A king, ten, and four appeared on the flop. The turn brought a six. An eight showed up on the river. So, Mizrahi took the 3rd final place. He managed to win 140,450 dollars.

At the beginning of the heads-up round, Yachou had an advantage over Darie: 1.656 million against Darie’s 1.545 million chips. The heads-up round lasted for only 12 hands, and the hand №72 became the final one. The flop brought an eight and a pair of deuces. A ten was on the turn, and an eight appeared on the river. Darie had a king and seven, whereas Yachou had an ace and deuce, which allowed him to collect a winning full house. Darie occupied the 2nd position in the final standings and won 224,190 dollars.

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