The long trailer pulled up to the Florence Police Annex, sponsored to a storeroom and individuals from the Lauderdale County Drug Task Force and representatives with the Sheriff's Department begun the careful activity of emptying in excess of 40 illicit betting machines. 

Tim Glover, executive of the Lauderdale County Drug Task Force stated: 

This is simply from four organizations. We have far to go. 

At 2 p.m. Friday, a joined law requirement unit of police, sheriff's appointees, examiners with the Lauderdale County District Attorney's Office and individuals from the U.S. Marshal's Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force started entering 14 organizations scattered all through Florence and Lauderdale County. Glover said they anticipated that would seize 117 unlawful betting machines. As they entered the organizations, officers exhibited the proprietors or the representatives with court orders for the machines and for show gadgets situated behind the counters in the majority of the organizations. 

He stated: 

When somebody is playing the machine and they prepare to money it, they push a catch on the machine and that data goes to the dislodge gadget, and a ticket is printed with the measure of the rewards and they would be paid. Glover's unit headed up the examination after medication specialists, the lead prosecutor's office, Florence police and the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office gotten dissensions around 45 days back concerning the coin-worked machines. We've been sending in covert officers, playing the machines throughout the previous 30 days.

He said covert officers played and were paid in the greater part of the organizations. 

Florence Police Chief Ron Tyler stated: 

We got calls of individuals utilizing nourishment stamps to inspire cash to play the machines, or losing all their cash in the machines," Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said. We had one individual call about a youthful mother who was seen sitting at one of the machines with a youthful baby on her side utilizing all the cash she needed to play these machines, and lost everything. 

The machines were in accommodation stores and tobacco shops, and there were some in a diversion room that had as of late been opened off of Helton Drive. Glover said no captures were expected. 

He stated: 

We're not going to capture anybody; we're going into grab the machines and stop the betting. 

The greater part of the organizations had various machines, extending from as few as four to upwards of 13. 

Glover stated: 

Some of them are rented and possessed by an organization on the grounds that these are legitimate machines in states where betting is lawful. A portion of the entrepreneurs claim the machines. This is huge business; this is a major cash producer for these folks, yet it stops today. 

He said the proprietors are making $3,000 to $5,000 every week per machine. A portion of the machines appropriated had written by hand signs on them expressing they didn't pay out money. 

Glover stated: 

Which simply isn't valid. Covert specialists were paid from every area. 

Medication operators said once players embed cash into a machine, a rundown of diversions shows up on the screen. The player would choose the amusement they need to play, at that point punch in the measure of the wager. The wagers could be as meager as a quarter and up to as much as $20. The officers did not ruin the task of the store amid the inquiry and seizure. 

Glover stated: 

The machines will be in a back room or close to a divider, not close to the clerk. We're not going to close the store. We're simply grabbing the unlawful machines. 

In the wake of grabbing the machines, officers put tape on them to shield anybody from playing them, and after that sat tight for the trailer to stop by and gather the appropriated machines. 

Tyler stated: 

These are betting gadgets, not a round of possibility. They are illicit and until the point when the Alabama Legislature makes them lawful, we will proceed with our endeavors to seize and close down the unlawful action.

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