Four suspects have been captured following the theft of a business police say housed unlawful betting machines. At around 2:48 a.m. Friday, officers were dispatched to the 7000 pieces of Dorchester Rd. in reference to a conceivable theft in process. The guest supposedly told dispatch there was a U-Haul stopped before a business and there were individuals endeavoring to soften up the front entryway. At the point when officers touched base on the scene, they found a U-Haul went down to the front entryway of the business and two speculates wearing all dark and covers leaving through the front entryway. 

Officers could keep the two suspects, later recognized at Blewer and Owens, and ensured nobody else was inside. The two suspects were purportedly possessing counterfeit sheriff's identifications that were shown on their chests. Officers announced an evident constrained passage to the front of the business and there was a yellow crowbar situated in the back of the U-Haul and ratchet lashes. The U-Haul had the start popped and there were no keys situated in the vehicle, as per an occurrence report. 

Officers supposedly found a sum of $1,252 in United States cash in Blewer's ownership and additionally a plastic sack containing 0.4 grams of a white crystalline substance, which later field tried possible for methamphetamine. In Owens' ownership, officers found $808 in United States cash and a handheld walkie-talkie. There was additionally a $20 charge situated on the ground in the door jamb of the passage entryway, as indicated by the police report. There were apparently different illicit betting machines inside the business and a work area where every one of the drawers had been hauled out. 

Officers canvased the parking garage of the business and found a white truck with paper labels, which Blewer said had a place with him. There was a lady in the front traveler seat of the truck who was distinguished as Brenda Bryant, who was kept. Officers purportedly found a dark ski veil beside her in the truck. Bryant told officers Blewer lifted her up in Forest Hills and should give her a ride to Moncks Corner before he pulled over in the parking area and advised her to hold up in the auto and that he would just be away for a couple of minutes. 

Bryant said she was uninformed Blewer was wanting to burglarize a business. In any case, Owens and Blewer told officers the two ladies were posts for them and had walkie-talkies in the autos with them. Officers likewise found a silver auto with a lady in the driver's seat, who was later recognized as Sarah Regen. Regen told officers she was simply holding up in the parking garage and nodded off. She asserted to not have known the business was being burglarized nor did she know the suspects. In her auto, officers purportedly found a crowbar and a moment handheld walkie-talkie. Officers likewise discovered exhaust bundling for tighten lashes in the back of the auto which seemed to coordinate the ratchet ties found in the back of the U-Haul Owens told analysts he met Blewer in the parking garage of Food Lion. He said the Blewer was driving the U-Haul and potentially stole it from some place on Dorchester Rd. 

When they met in the parking area, Owens apparently drove the U-Haul to the episode area. Owens additionally told officers that he worked security for the betting foundation before, so he knew when they worked and when the business would be unfilled. Blewer was accused of second degree robbery, ownership of thievery instruments and ownership of methamphetamine. Owens was accused of second degree robbery and ownership of thievery instruments. Regen was accused of ownership of robbery devices. Bryant was accused of trespassing.

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