It was reported by Yoo Dong-ryol, Head of the Korea Institute of Liberal Democracy, at the South Korean security conference in Seoul that North Korea received roughly $1 billion per year from illegal online gambling. 
According to Yoo Dong-ryol, North Korea controls dozens of websites in China and other Asian countries that allow the government to generate revenues in currency, which seems to be essential for the state in order to keep afloat and to support the current regime. According to Yooís estimates, the generated income reached $864 million. It was obtained from activities of illicit gambling programs and gaming websites. 
North Korea acts via residents of other Asian states who are paid to operate the gaming sites. This business is extremely profitable for locals, since the revenue is split either 60% to 40% or 50% to 50%. 
During the conference it was also reported that software manufactured in North Korea was used to get access to computers for providing cyber attacks. The staff of hackers in North Korea is currently reaching approximately 6,800 persons.
The National Intelligence Service of South Korea reported that over 1,100 agents of North Korea were running online gambling websites intended for South Korean gamblers. 
Fifteen North Korean citizens were arrested in Cambodia in 2014 for illegal football betting operations on the Internet. Over $8.6 million was confiscated by the police.
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