A 23-year-old accountant Joshua Jones jumped from the ninth floor of PricewaterhouseCoopers in London, where his office was located, due to his gambling debt of 30 thousand pounds.

Now the young man's father Martin is calling for a shake-up in the online gambling industry to protect people from gambling and opportunity to place bets on the Internet.

A 63-year-old Mr. Jones, a retired engineer from Blunsdon, said that online gambling addiction had taken his son’s life.

A former student at the University of Surrey, he spent his first educational grant on betting.

The father of the killed accountant said in his statement at Southwark Coroners Court:

In front of us there is a lost life of a young man with a promising future. Joshua was a handsome and intelligent. He had a good job. However, he suffered from gambling addiction. He died of shame. He died because of gambling. We have lost him, and this is terrible."

According to the grief-stricken father, Joshua was a "wonderful" man, gifted hockey player, and musician.

Mr. Jones said that his son had started "borrowing money in order to make silly bets," because he had been unable to handle his gambling addiction without help. Eventually, his parents had to take control over his finances, providing him with a modest amount.

His parents did not know that Joshua continued to borrow money from friends and banks. Joshua confessed to his parents that he had been lying in the bed, trembling from the urge to place a bet.

When he was being treated, he said to the medical staff: "If I went down in the world, another pound will not save me."

In fact, the young man owed 30 thousand pounds to friends, relatives, and banks.

According to his father, his family could not believe that Joshua might commit a suicide.

"He did not want to allow his employer to know about his gambling addiction. He led a double life. With his hockey and music friends, he was the soul of any party. Only we and some close friends knew the truth", - said Martin Jones.

Joshua’s father believes that gaming operators have to solve the problems faced by addicted gamblers.

"There are some practical steps that should be undertaken in order to reduce the probability of such tragedies – said Mr. Jones. – Betting and gambling sites should provide the possibility of the permanent ban of such gamblers."

"Representatives of the gambling business can cooperate effectively. Self-exclusion on one site should mean access restrictions to all gambling sites. How many deaths must occur to understand that problem gambling should be taken seriously? "

The Court confirmed that Joshua Jones had committed suicide because of gambling addiction.

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