A Bangladeshi man who supposedly ran an illicit betting cave in Muharraq is on preliminary for ambushing a policeman as he endeavored to avoid capture, it has developed. The 54-year-old was captured in a rear way in Manama after policemen attacked a house in Muharraq, which he professedly utilized as a betting nook, and captured four other men inside. He has gone on preliminary at the High Criminal Court for attacking a cop and running the unlawful wagering house, while one of his co-respondents has been accused of helping him maintain the illegal business and the other three men have been blamed for betting. The capturing policemen portrayed to prosecutors how the instigator assaulted him and pushed him to the ground as he endeavored to escape. 

He said in an announcement to the Public Prosecution: 

We got a capture warrant for a Bangladeshi man who ran an illicit betting lair from a house in Muharraq. During the examination we followed him to a zone in Manama and we moved toward him in a back street as he was walking. We educated him that we are policemen and he needs to go with us for addressing, however he pushed me and fled. I pursued him by walking, yet he pushed me down a sewer that was open since upkeep work was being done. I figured out how to escape the gap and kept pursuing him and he pushed me to the ground, stepped on my head utilizing his feet yet I got up and wrestled him to the ground. 

The preliminary has been suspended to September 2 for survey. Every one of the five men, who are Bangladeshi nationals matured somewhere in the range of 33 and 54, have denied the charges in court, yet one of the affirmed instigators already admitted amid addressing by the Public Prosecution. He told prosecutors that they had set up a few betting rooms inside the house. One of the men blamed for betting likewise told prosecutors amid scrutinizing that he needed to bet since it was the end of the week. The two instigators, including the 54-year-old man, have been blamed for running the unlawful wagering house, and in addition opposing capture and ambushing officers who secured them. As indicated by court archives, police assaulted the house in Muharraq following an examination which likewise incorporated a two-day stake-out. Officers did reconnaissance on the property in the wake of getting a tip-off from police witnesses.

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