Despite the constant problems with the legislative support of gambling, the Germany sports betting market has become worth over five billion euros.
Experts of GoldMedia announced that the cost of the German betting market would exceed the result of precious year by 300 million euros. It is interesting to note that bookmakers should be grateful to the 2016 UEFA European Championship, since half the revenues will be provided by the bets made on the outcomes of its matches.
GoldMedia is a consulting and research group that focuses on both offline and online bookmakers. They should have either German licenses or be taxpayers in Germany, even if they are not licensed in the country. 
According to information of this company, the official gambling operator ODDSET will generate slightly more than 200,000,000 euros. As for the rest, it will be earned by operators with controversial statuses. 
Actually, there are over sixty betting providers in Germany. To be sure, they fill the German treasury with tax revenues, but their legal status is not obvious. We are talking about the so-called grey websites. 
The German officials are trying to control betting activity by issuing more official licenses. However, this does not help. Revenues from the grey operators keep increasing. For example, specialists of GoldMedia emphasize that the average 12% positive trend in growth of this market has been observed since 2012. As for the official operator ODDSET, its revenues increased only by 1% in 2015. 
According to predictions of UEFA, the total size of bets on matches of EURO 2016 will reach 68 billion euros. Such an immense amount can be explained by the high activity of Asian markets. The share of Germany will be indeed tiny. Bettors from Germany are expected to wager only 150,000,000 euros.
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