Gfinity, a website that offers eSports events in the United Kingdom, has decided to cease its cooperation with PayPal as soon as the digital payment system has asked to provide data on the flow of eSports cash.
We guess that you are well aware of the scandal with skin betting. If not, we want to remind you that Valve Corporation has prohibited offering links to skin betting sites. PayPal has probably known about this situation. So, the payment system has decided to tightly regulate the flow of money derived from eSports.
Gfinity has been operating in the field of eSports over seven years. It has numerous partners and more than 165,000 Twitter followers. The portal dedicated to eSports announced that it did not want to cooperate with PayPal due to its new requirements that could make the process of payment too expensive and inconvenient for customers. Gfinity provides its high-quality and diverse services in twenty-five different countries. The decision of PayPal to change the rules for payments is explained by the fact that the digital payment system wants to prevent transfer of illegal funds obtained from eSports activities.
PayPal will be replaced by bank cards. Therefore, users will be able to transfer their funds directly to bank cards. It will be possible to transfer money once per month with a commission of three pounds.
However, Gfinity will be able to cooperate with PayPay in a less complicated way. This will become possible due to the partnership of two former competitors ñ PayPay and Visa. According to the deal between them, it will be possible to send money from PayPal accounts directly to Visa cards. 
It was announced that the Gears eSports Pro Circuit would appear soon. This ten-month tournament will take place in October. The event will be broadcast. 
Stay tuned and follow the updates of the Gears eSports Pro Circuit.
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