Alex Dreyfus reports noteworthy changes to the Global Poker League Playoffs and Championships in the wake of looking into and gaining from the principal half of his progressive thought to "Sportify" poker. Alex Dreyfus Announces Significant Changes to GPL Playoffs and Championships.
Thomas Edison. What do you consider when you say his name? Under ordinary circumstances, I think about the light and how it took him 10,000 endeavors to hit the nail on the head. "I have not fizzled. I've discovered 10,000 ways that won't work." Said Edison. Toward the beginning of today, as I drink a hot lemon water and attempt to put off the thunder in my tummy until the following 1,000 words when I consider Edison I consider Alexandre Dreyfus, the organizer of the Global Poker League (GPL). 
Dreyfus made a troublesome declaration today, one that more likely than not kept him conscious around evening time. A greater amount of that in a moment. Initially, I need to share another Edison story. In the book, The Obstacle is The Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials Into Triumph the writer Ryan Holiday recounts a period when Edison's industrial facility is burning to the ground. It contains the greater part of his examination. Gauges recommend that the expense of the flame set him back near a million bucks ($23m in today's coin). 
Edison was at the flame. His response was unforeseen. He advised his 24-year old kid to go and get his family. "Why?" asked his puzzled child. "Since they will never see a flame like this again." Said Edison. At the point when the blazes quit glinting, and the slag had settled, Edison reconstructed. The next year Edison and his group made $10m in income. 
To accomplish enormity you need to figure out how to persevere misfortunes and tragedies. You must have the capacity to survive difficulty. You have to take your licks and proceed onward. You should be modest; acknowledge when things aren't working and adjust. There is no space for pride. Personality acts as a burden. All the Billy Big Potatoes on the planet get eaten in the end. 
Before all else, for Dreyfus, there was only a longing to make poker more open to the world. The French business person purchased the roasted stays of the Epic Poker League (EPL) and transformed it into The Global Poker Index (GPI). Today, it's the one genuine ruler of poker positioning frameworks. A dream poker model developed. It didn't exactly take off. It was let go. The Hendon Mob was gained. The Boatman's, the Beever's and the Crazy Horse's ventured aside. Dreyfus and his group moved in. 
The Global Poker League (GPL) came next. Dreyfus revealed his fantasy of "Sportyfing" poker. He shared his fantasy of one-day taking proficient poker to a radical new level. His motivation originated from the development of eSports that saw stadiums loaded with individuals going insane over a gathering of children playing computer games. 
12 establishments were conceived. As were 12 group supervisors. The Draft cleared everybody aside from the naysayers out. Fedor Holz got up in front of an audience and about separated in tears such was the significance and hugeness of being required in such a striking and wonderful venture. 
And afterward one day, Daniel "Jungleman" Cates fixed up a headset and arranged to go up against Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier in gap cards up, heads-up matchup that empowered the viewers to hear each and every word that spilled out of the mouths of both hotshots. 
Abruptly, even the naysayers could see that the GPL had something uncommon. Online attendances ascended as the activity came to us like a crowd of wildebeests. Things were moving at a Herculean pace. And afterward came the declarations. The Playoffs would happen in San Diego as a component of TwitchCon; the finals would be at Wembley Arena, there would be a Cube for live occasions, and Aaron Paul marked for the LA Sunset. 
All of a sudden, poker had an association with the universe of amusement. It was excellent stuff. And after that came the Summer Series and the presentation of The Cube. Who better to have remaining in it for the primary match than Aaron Paul. Furthermore, he won. It was a brilliant minute. 
The World Series of Poker (WSOP) flexed its muscles. The GPL got shunted to the side. How could New York Rounders star, Jason Mercier, discover time to play in The Cube when he was playing 3-4 occasions for each day over at The Rio attempting to win a $2m armlet wager? 
Poker had dependably experienced a full timetable. After some time the business monsters had figured out how to cooperate to abstain from knocking heads. In any case, not at all like this had happened some time recently. Attempting to crush the GPL into the live and online competition timetables was much the same as an online website like PokerStars all of a sudden turning up on the scene. 
Dreyfus wasn't gazing at the GPL as flares tore it to the ground like Edison's plant. In any case, you could notice the fuel. It would just take a solitary match. So what do you do? You Turn Trials Into Triumph. You bring it down a peg. You adjust. You accept circumstances for what they are. 
The EPL kicked the bucket since it neglected to respond. It attempted to proceed with operations despite the fact that somebody had lit the fire. It severed a considerable measure of ties. It's generally better to take in lessons from other individuals' disappointments than your own and Dreyfus is doing that. 
There will be no PlayOffs in TwitchCon. There will be no finals at Wembley Arena. It can't work. It won't work. The logistics are a deterrent that won't permit Dreyfus and his group to pass. How would you truck The Cube the world over? How would you keep your star players from blockading themselves in their homes and playing the biggest online celebrations on the planet? 
How would you prevent your stars from going to Burning Man searching out edification? "When we went up against SCOOP amid the spring we were getting crushed, so we must be cautious," Dreyfus told PokerNews in an elite meeting today. 
The very embodiment of accomplishment in poker is understanding that enormity lands as time goes on and that any imbecile with two cards can get fortunate amid a sprint. Dreyfus knows this. "We should be around in three to five years." he told PokerNews, "For that to happen it's not about spending more, it is about settling on the right choices and developing the group naturally as much as we can." 
It's likewise about learning and evolving. The arrival of the group has been returned to Sep 20 to maintain a strategic distance from the long hard trudge of WCOOP, Powerfest, et al. Players won't be approached to travel to San Diego for TwitchCon. The Playoffs will occur in Las Vegas. The Cube will likewise stay put. Meaning the Championships won't be held at Wembley. Those will likewise happen in Las Vegas. Dreyfus says one reason behind this choice is that 40% of their gathering of people is from the US. To me, it just bodes well. 
"We are at one percent of our potential in light of the fact that now we have not spent a solitary dollar on advertising," he told PokerNews. Something lets me know that may be going to change after Dreyfus tweeted this. 
It took Edison 10,000 endeavors. Dreyfus has far to go yet, and he merits our understanding.
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