GVC Holdings has finally obtained a license to offer online gambling activities in New Jersey. This UK-based company acquired an online gambling operator called bwin.party. As its owner, it will be able to open a gambling site in cooperation with Borgata and PartyPoker.
The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) announced that GVC Holdings was a reliable and honest operator. So, it may be licensed for providing online gambling-related services in New Jersey.
However, the GVC Holdingsí way to its approval was full of obstacles. One of them was created by PartyPoker, which was its partner. Owners of PartyPoker decided to join over twenty illegal markets. They had been left earlier to guarantee a license issued to gambling regulators of New Jersey. 
It is obvious that the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement does not issue licenses to the companies that operate on illegal gaming markets. Those organizations that are present on black markets are strictly prohibited to obtain licenses. As for the grey markets, it is still possible to be allowed to offer online gambling in New Jersey for the companies that are active on the grey markets. However, this opportunity is considered individually in each case. Owners of GVC Holdings are delighted to inform customers that the decision is favorable for the company.
According to rumors, Borgata is about to stop cooperating with GVC Holdings in order to establish friendly ties and create joint projects with the Game Account Network (GAN) in New Jersey. However, the positive decision of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement knocked the bottom out of these rumors.
So, both companies hope that their cooperation will help them to generate even higher revenues in the future. 
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