Betser is another brand from Hero Gaming with a 100% spotlight on online games wagering. The new gamified sportsbook offers the open door for players to test their abilities and go up against others. Pre-enrollment is open at the Betser site. In view of the same inventive gamification behind its Casino Heroes example of overcoming adversity, Hero Gaming is dispatching Betser with the aspiration to offer clients the most engaging and drawing in internet wagering background available. 

"Generally as we broke new ground with Casino Heroes, our objective with Betser is to offer another and all the more engaging approach to wager on games," said Kristofer Bergdahl, CMO Hero Gaming. Saint Gaming dispatched Casino Heroes in 2014 with NHL player Nicklas Bäckström as frontman. This joint effort was extended amid the improvement of Betser, with Nicklas bringing his companion and NHL partner Carl Hagelin on board. They both gave criticism and contributed contribution amid the advancement of the new wagering background offered by Betser. 
"Getting Nicklas' and Carl's input amid item advancement has helped us to build up a sportsbook where the aggressive component is raised to a social level," said Bergdahl. One of a kind from all different sportsbooks, Betser is presenting 'Balls and Brains', which compensates the player's valor and abilities. The idea is based on something each player will perceive: Balls – believing your premonition and wagering on a long shot; and Brains – taking a more ascertained wager minimizing hazard. Contingent upon your wagering style, you will be remunerated with Balls or Brains that will affect your player profile. Your Balls and Brains can likewise be traded with the expectation of complimentary wagers in the locker room. 
"We've for some time been under the feeling that advancement identified with games wagering has in numerous regards been stopping as of late, where just minor changes have been made to existing items. Rather, we have attempted to take a gander at games wagering from another point of view keeping in mind the end goal to offer an all the more engaging background," proceeded with Bergdahl. 
Testing your insight and aptitudes against others is a major main impetus for some. In Betser's association framework, players can – through their positioning – contend with their companions and test the absolute best. "Our thought is basically the same as with Casino Heroes, which was extremely generally welcomed by the business sector. In Betser, nonetheless, a ton of our motivation originated from dream football, private classes and social wagering where you contend with companions, family and partners," Bergdahl closed. Pre-enrollment is open at the Betser site.
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