South Korean prosecutors swooped down on Kangwon Land clubhouse throughout the end of the week and seized reports that they asserted would help stick a previous authority supposedly engaged with an employing outrage. The Korea Times announced that prosecutor attacked Kangwon Land - the main clubhouse at which South Korean residents are lawfully allowed to bet – to assemble prove against a previous senior tourism service official blamed for cronyism.Aside from Kangwon Land, the prosecutors additionally assaulted a few workplaces of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism at the Sejong Government Complex, and the homes and workplaces of three individuals. 

The prosecutors just recognized the ex-tourism service official as a specific "Kim," who they guaranteed had a phone discussion with Kangwon's administrator. Records demonstrate that the authority apparently allowed Kangwon Land's appeal to for development in return for a guaranteed work of his four relatives in the betting firm. The prosecutors are evidently searching for official records with subtle elements of the 2013 development design of the Kangwon Land property. This isn't the first occasion when that Kangwon Land had been dragged into the contracting embarrassment. 

In September, the state-claimed gambling club administrator issued an official articulation conceding that 493 of the 518 individuals procured between July 2011 and February 2014 won their employments at Kangwon Land basically on the quality of their connections to government officials or other persuasive figures. Kangwon Land stuck a large portion of the fault on Choi Heung-jip, who was Kangwon Land's CEO amid the period being referred to. The outrage, which shook the administering Democratic Party, was named the "Kangwon Land Gate." Choi and a Kangwon Land HR official were arraigned in 2015 however current government individuals said the Liberty Korea Party, which was in control at the season of the embarrassment, compelled prosecutors to end their test before the full profundity of the shenanigans was uncovered. 

In December 2017, Heung-jip was captured on charges of impact hawking regarding the contracting of specific individuals at the demand of legislators and neighborhood fat cats, including Rep. Yeom Dong-yeol and Rep. KweonSeong-dong of the moderate Liberty Korea Party.

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