In the primes of online poker, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker were included in a phenomenal weapons contest, joining supported aces like there was no tomorrow. PokerStars Team Pro had over a hundred individuals at the time, still beaten by Full Tilt who had over twofold that. As Black Friday hit and the duopoly arrived at an end, so did the opposition of fixing up whatever number poker players as could reasonably be expected. PokerStars said farewell to a huge piece of their stable and today has 29 players on their list. 

As of late, if PokerStars declared another support give, it was a big name like Neymar or Ronaldo sparkling with the red spade on their trunk. The world's greatest poker room didn't generally appear to have space on their program for poker players. That has now changed; the drought has arrived at an end. Another player today joins the group, making the most of the group 30. PokerStars has marked an arrangement with Igor Kurganov. We'll see him wearing the PokerStars fix appropriate alongside the REG Charity one he's as of now brandishing. 

"I thought 'I'll win every one of these competitions, get supported and I'll simply be rising and ascending in the poker world,'" Igor Kurganov said of the time his poker profession was quite recently taking off. "I was a guileless individual who just began off in poker and I was likewise running admirably," Kurganov thought back with a grin all over. While that may have been his underlying musings, the support bargain goals immediately vanished as the Russian-conceived Kurganov turned into a general on the circuit. 

"From that point onward, I entirely strived to end up distinctly a supported player," he said. "I particularly delighted in just me doing my own thing in poker." As Kurganov began playing – and winning – to an ever increasing extent, he really shied far from the spotlight. "I used to remain away totally from it in my initial days," he said. "I think, in part, since I didn't know what I needed to depict or in the event that I needed to depict anything by any means." After some time, Kurganov got more alright with the cameras and reminder recorders and he got a clearer thought and message he needed to convey. With the REG Charity fix on his sweater, the ever quiet, cool and gathered Kurganov began communicating increasingly with poker media. 

Through his association with PokerStars' Team Pro Liv Boeree, Kurganov had a prime seat to perceive being a supported player. Other than seeing firsthand how speaking to the brand to the outside world would be, Kurganov was likewise ready to draw near to the group behind the world's greatest online poker room. "A year ago I sat in on a few gatherings when Liv met with individuals from PokerStars," Kurganov said. "By that, I gradually became acquainted with the organization better and better." While Kurganov had a notorious foot in the entryway, this was in no way, shape or form to attempt to get himself fixed up. 

"I didn't consider it," he said. "Truth be told, I accepted they weren't really marking individuals when all is said in done any longer. I didn't expect that that would be a way for me to take." PokerStars, awed with Kurganov's mind, air and information up until this point, had an alternate thought and moved toward him to attempt and check whether there was a future together, a future where he would speak to the brand. Kurganov, still under the feeling that the concentration of PokerStars' showcasing was with celebs underwriting poker, didn't see the rapprochement coming. "I was somewhat astonished when they reached me," he said. "They proposed that I'd gone to the workplaces, meet the general population that work there and that I'd have the chance to give criticism. On top of that, PokerStars was keen on supporting REG also, which is awesome." Kurganov said. 

Kurganov has been a staple in the realm of high-stakes live occasions. With $12,042,540 in live competition profit and a slate of great online outcomes, Kurganov is a piece of a select gathering of ultra high-stakes players. While that gathering is little, they are vocal and have been gigantically straightforward about the progressions PokerStars made to their live and web based offering as of late. Kurganov, a Supernova Elite player in 2015, was one of the players vocal about his loathing when PokerStars got rid of the most elevated level of their devotion program. That, nonetheless, doesn't strife with him wearing the fix starting now and into the foreseeable future, Kurganov says. 

"Love or detest PokerStars, it will be the significant compel in poker throughout the years to come and has been for the most recent years," Kurganov said. "What makes a difference is the edge, on the off chance that I can have any effect in transit in which poker creates. To accomplish that, an inclusion with PokerStars is just the most impactful thing I can do. In the event that I have no effect by any means, well, then so be it. In any case, on the off chance that I have any, that is incredible and I'm certainly glad to take that choice and see where it goes." 

He will be, as it were, a connection between the players and the organization. He gets the chance to see exclusive information and, with his notoriety for being a standout amongst the most logical players in the amusement, make his own particular decisions. Be that as it may, his part isn't simply being a representative sluicing proclamations from his support, It works the other path around also. Kurganov has as of now turn into a natural face at the PokerStars office in London. While the word wasn't out right now, he as of now felt free to conversed with a ton of the general population required with PokerStars off camera. Obviously, Kurganov will venture to every part of the poker circuit. Very little will change on the grounds that Kurganov and his sweetheart Boeree were at that point doing precisely that. 

Furthermore, as some time recently, Kurganov will be keep playing on the web. "lechuckpoker," Kurganov's screen name before marking, will be resigned and "IgorKurganov" – including another symbol – will now be the one players will confront in the most astounding of stakes on the web. While not each fixed up professional is relied upon to be as loquacious at the table as PokerStars nonentity Daniel Negreanu, Kurganov believes being receptive and charming at the table is key for ministers. He passed on the Aussie Millions this year since he needed some time at home after a bustling 2016 and begin of 2017. Rather, Kurganov played the record-softening PokerStars Festival up the place where he grew up of London. 

While Kurganov likes to have some time for REG Charity and quality time at home, regardless he has an extremely bustling calendar in front of him. Other than the PokerStars Championship occasions in Panama, Macau and Monte Carlo, the LAPC and Bay 101 anticipate. On top of that, Kurganov was one of the "fortunate" players to get the choice to become tied up with the $300,000 purchase in Super High Roller Bowl in ARIA coming summer. That occasion commences a bustling summer in Las Vegas with incalculable occasions of the World Series of Poker on his timetable.

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