Police of New York have coped with an illegal online gambling gang. Four criminals were arrested as its leaders. They were accused of corruption, promotion of gambling activities, and some other crimes. According to the local legislation, all arrested members of the gang may be sentenced to 25 years in prison.
Criminals used some free numbers and several sites to perform their illegal activities. Money laundering operations were carried out in a few ways. For instance, the gang members laundered money using electronic bank transfers, transfer of money in suitcases, and acquisition of real estate.
Ken Thompson, District Attorney, emphasized that the gang had been headquartered in Costa Rica. Its turnover reached $200,000 per month. 
According to Mr. Thompson, underground gambling is not as harmless as it may seem to be. It contributes to loan sharking and money laundering, negatively affecting lives of many people. However, the negative impact may be reduced by regulating gambling activities. 
New York has recently approved a daily fantasy sports bill. However, the issue of online gambling legalization is still being discussed. 
Probably, the arrest of gang members may stimulate the lawmakers to provide regulations of online gaming. The appearance of this gang can be explained by imperfect gambling-related legislation. The legalization of online gambling can prevent customers from money laundering and other illegal activities.
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