Over 1,400 poker players took part in the WSOP $1,000 Buy-In No-Limit Holdíem Event. This tournament was intended exclusively for those who were at least 65 years old. All of the entry fees allowed organizers of the event to collect a $1,328,400 prize pool. James Moore, a physician from the United States, received $230,626 out of the sum mentioned above. It is interesting to note that it is his first WSOP title, despite his age.
Moore admitted that he was really surprised. He did not expect to win. James Moore entered the final round being significantly behind the current chip leader. However, he required several hours to make up lost time and to finish in the first place among fourteen participants of the final game.
Letís discuss the most successful poker players of this tournament. The ninth place was occupied by Vern Soeldner, who earned $17,604. He was followed by James Parrott with his $22,902 payout. A 7th-place finish allowed Arthur Loring to collect $30,159. At the beginning of the final round Fred Berger was the chip leader. However, he managed to take only the 6th place and to pocket $40,191. As for the 5th place, it was occupied by Eugene Spinner, who collected $54,197. Charles Rinn won $73,943 for his fourth place. Steven Krupnick finished in the third place and pocketed $102,052.
Moore eliminated several players on his way to the heads-up series with Charles Barker. At the beginning of heads-up Moore had twice as many chips as his opponent. Barker managed to become the leader. However, James Moore won. This happened in the following way: Barker raised and Moore called. The flop brought an ace, king, and three of diamonds. So, both participants checked. A queen of diamonds appeared on the turn. Both players continued the round. Barker moved all in and Moore called. He had a jack of diamond and a queen of hearts. The Barkerís hand included a ten of diamonds and a seven of spades. The river brought a seven of diamonds. So, Charles Barker lost. Nevertheless, he earned $142,461.
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