Jonathan Little is one of the most reputable and successful professional poker players. He can boast $6.3 million of total earnings in poker tournaments. In addition, Jonathan Little is the two-time winner of World Poker Tour. He decided to start playing poker at the University of West Florida. 
The list of his achievements includes: a fifth-place finish in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event ($317,873), a first-place finish in the Mirage Poker Showdown ($1,091,295), a second-place finish in the North American Poker Championship ($714,905), a first-place finish in the World Poker Finals Main Event ($1,120,310), a third-place finish in the 2013 $5,000 Six-Max Event ($317,873), etc. 
However, Little is also considered to be one of the most famous and popular poker instructors and educators. He published eleven books dedicated to poker strategies. 
His book Excelling at No-Limit Holdíem reflects all nuances and intricacies of the favorite game of numerous gamblers. 
In addition, Little offers excellent poker webinars to fans of poker. His series of webinars is called Excelling at No-Limit Holdíem.
Letís discuss advices from the successful professional poker player and poker instructor. 
First of all, he believes that it is necessary to play poker a lot. You should spend any free minute on the game. It is necessary to watch videos and webinars. Littleís webinars can be used to master nuances of the game for free. Moreover, they allow acquiring knowledge and experience from the best players.
Users should understand that it is necessary to work hard and master new approaches to the game. It is not enough just to watch the corresponding videos or to visit a gambling facility once a week. 
To sum up, Jonathan Little enumerates the most common mistakes of amateurs. 
Firstly, they overplay marginal made hands (for example, a pair of aces after the flop). 
Secondly, amateurs frequently reraise preflop with only premium hands. Beginners can also play incorrectly with a short stack. They play either too aggressively or too mildly.
Another Littleís tip is to study away from the table. Many novice poker players ignore this advice. Finally, amateur players also worry about short-term results. For example, they become upset after losing several events in a row. However, this situation is typical even for professional poker players. They can lose a dozen or even more tournaments in a row.
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