The PokerStars Championship Panama Main Event is in the books after 170 hands of play on the last table. Kenneth Smaron has won, bringing home $293,860. With the exception of the main player out, all players at one point held the chip lead on the activity stuffed last table, however Smaron would be the one to lift the trophy. The last day of the PokerStars Championship Panama Main Event began with six players remaining. In the third hand, that number was diminished by one as Anthony Diotte hit the rail. Diotte began the most brief stack and wouldn't make a rebound. He got it in with expert jack against the deuces of Robin Luca Wozniczek and the last tumbled a set. On the turn, it was all over and the competition was down to five players remaining. 

While Robin Luca Wozniczek led the pack very little later, he would even now be the beside go. He lost a bit and got it in not long after with a couple and a flush draw up against the substandard flush draw and twofold gut shot of Jonathan Abdellatif. A four on the stream spelled fate for the German qualifier as it gave Abdellatif the triumphant straight. The chip lead changed hands different circumstances, with everybody in control at a certain point. Abdellatif had been in charge of Wozniczek's end however lost to quads with the top full house just to see his stack get split. That made him the short stack and he was beside go as his registration with a flush draw got called by Smaron's tumbled best combine. Spaces on the turn and stream brought about an excursion to the payout work area for Abdelattif, who secured the initial six-figure score of his vocation. 

Once more, the chip lead changed hands numerous circumstances. The begin of-day chip pioneer, Denis Timofeev, had his good and bad times yet soon got himself short stacked as loads of pots did not go his direction and Gill kept bending over. Timofeev discovered one final twofold with pro six to ruler jack yet went down the following hand in any case getting it in with pocket tens to Smaron's expert lord. The waterway gave Smaron a haggle said his farewells. That outcome left Harpreet Gill and Kenneth Smaron heads up with a slight lead for the last mentioned. The two went on supper break first however not long after subsequent to returning, they wound up all in. In the ninth hand of heads-up play, Gill limp-pushed all in with ten-eight offsuit and Smaron called with ruler jack of clubs. While Smaron floundered an imperial flush draw, at last, he brought down the pot and competition with lord high. 

The $293,860 in front of the rest of the competition prize is the second-greatest score of Smaron's profession, directly behind the $654,302 he won bringing down the 2015 EPT Prague High Roller. Next up is the PokerStars Championship Macau, March 30 through April 9. PokerNews will be on the floor for scope of that occasion with updates, photographs and recordings from the Main Event and hot shot occasions.

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