2016 UEFA European Championship provoked approximately 1,200 arrests for football betting.
On June 17, 2016 the local police arrested over 140 bettors and 9 bookmakers. As it was reported by the Metropolitan Police Bureau, the police had confiscated more than 5,300 baht and betting lists. The total amount of bets reached roughly 47,000 baht.
Starting from the beginning of the tournament, approximately 1,200 people were arrested for football gambling. This means that on average 150 bettors are taken into custody per each day of the championship. In general, six football gambling operators suffered from the activity of police. Among other victims of arrests we can mention 1,142 bettors, fifteen betting organizations, sixteen online bettors, and thirteen online betting operators. The total amount of confiscated cash reached over 200 thousand baht. The seized betting lists included stakes for more than one million baht.
The current situation with illegal gambling activities in Bangkok forced the police to organize a special centre whose employees will prevent sports betting activities during EURO 2016. It is especially important to prevent teenagers from gambling and betting.
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