On July 5, one of the regular draws of the Mega Millions Lottery will take place. However, it will be a special draw due to an incredible size of its jackpot. We are talking about $449 million, a truly life-changing amount of money. Nevertheless, jackpots of Mega Millions exceeded this sum twice. But even the third largest payout may attract numerous gamblers and contribute to a sharp increase in the number of tickets purchased by fans of lotteries and huge amounts. If you have yet bought your lucky ticket, you may do this on the following websites: LottoBooking, LottoExpress, and Play USA Lotteries.
The aim of the Mega Millions Lottery is to predict five basic numbers out of 75. In addition, it is necessary to match one number out of 15. If you want to take part in this lottery, it is necessary to pay one dollar per ticket. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you should pay one extra dollar in order to activate the so-called Megaplier. It will multiply the size of non-jackpot prizes by a factor that varies between 2x and 5x.
However, keep in mind that your odds of hitting the jackpot are 1:258,890,850. The initial size of the jackpot is $15 million. It increases by $5 million each time when nobody manages to hit it. The jackpot size also increases due to activities of gamblers. For instance, its size for the previous draw was 415,000,000 dollars. Now it reaches 449 million dollars.
The last jackpot was hit on March 8. The lucky gambler represented Seattle, Washington. He managed to collect $157 million. It is interesting to note that the winning amount can be received either by a single payout or by 29 annual installments.
The next draw will take place on Tuesday, July 5 in Tallahassee, Florida at 3 a.m. GMT or 4 a.m. CET. Tickets can be acquired until one hour before the draw. 
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