Nathan Hall brought down the WPT National Montreal title at the Playground Poker Club on Thursday. Corridor beat Jeffrey Cormier makes a beeline for win both the WPT National and World Cup of Cards trophies, in addition to an additional CAD $5,794, after the two struck an arrangement giving them every CAD $65,000. In spite of the arrangement, the pair still played heads up for three more hours. 

In the last hand, Hall dig out from a deficit to beat Cormier, getting it in preflop with ten-seven and spiking a seven to down Cormier's ruler eight. The last day of the $400,000 ensured World Poker Tour National Montreal began with 6 players from a field of 817. 
Cormier was at danger at a young hour in the day against inevitable fifth-place finisher Michael Mellor with ace-lord all in against Mellor's jacks. Quad fours on the board gave Cormier the best hand and he got his telephone to snap a photograph of it. With Cormier fighting off disposal, Senthuran Vijayaratnam soon turned into the first out. He came into the day with the short stack subsequent to holding the general chip lead going into Day 2. Vijayaratnam got everything in for his competition existence with pro ten and lost to inevitable third-put finisher Jason Mandanici-Turcot, when he transformed ruler jack into a full house. 
Mellor took fifth spot and CAD $18,000 when he got all in again versus Cormier, holding pro nine against Cormier's pocket sevens. Mellor neglected to hit a couple and Cormier even rivered a set to ask Mellor to leave for good. Out in fourth was Alexander Villa, who brought home CAD $23,500 after he called Cormier's push on a ten-high flounder with pocket sevens. Cormier had pro ten for top combine and stayed ahead to dispensed with Villa. 
It was positively a crazy ride day for Cormier, however not Hall, who consistently constructed his stack all through, in the long run winning a goliath 7-million chip pot against Cormier with three players left. The definitive hand saw Hall push all in on the waterway for 1.5 million into a 5.5 million pot, and Cormier fold. 
Lobby had a major lead, however Cormier soon took it over, sending Mandanici-Turcot out in third place. A short-stacked Mandanici-Turcot pushed with deuces and kept running into Cormier's above all else jack. A jack on the failure and lord on the turn finished his run. 
Cormier began heads-up play on top, and at one point had a just about five-to-one chip lead, before Hall multiplied twice in continuous hands. To begin with, Hall tumbled an arrangement of lords and got all in on the turn with Cormier holding a couple of sevens. At that point, on the precise next hand, the two got all in with Cormier holding deuces against Hall's pros. Lobby bent over again and the stacks were about notwithstanding when the arrangement was struck. This was only the start of the World Cup of Cards competition arrangement at Playground Poker Club.
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