In March of 2012, the Navegante Group assumed control over the administration of Hooters' club operations. This was done when the responsibility for brand was assumed control by a monetary capital gathering. Navegante has been effective in their operation of Hooter's, having seen four fruitful years. Presently the gathering is anticipating leaving as the authorized club administrator of the brand. 

The Navegante Group was just expected to go up against the administration part for a six month time allotment until the capital gathering could discover a purchaser, however this did not happen until May of a year ago. Navegante took care of the gaming administration operations while an inn administration gather assumed control over the operations that were non-gaming, including retail, diversion, sustenance, and so on. 

With the Navegante Group responsible for gaming, Mark Sterbens, Sr., was enlisted on as the General Manager to administer the gaming operations. Amid their residency, the gaming operations were standardized, the club administration enhanced alongside bookkeeping frameworks. New clubhouse advertising activities were produced which included propelling direct promoting programs and another players club with a layered setting. With these progressions, Hooters could see an expansion in clubhouse incomes year-on-year even as the gambling clubs on the Las Vegas Strip got to be to see diminishes in their gaming incomes with what is being known as the 'Incomparable Recession'. 

The gaming operations of Hooters have now been situated with the goal that they can be rented out to a changeless administrator. The new renter will go up against the part that Navegante Group took care of so well following a four year time span. 

The CEO of Navegante, Larry D. Woolf, remarked on the declaration by expressing that the Navegante Group is pleased with their administration of Hooters' club operations and how it situated the clubhouse for the new proprietors to locate a long haul tenant. The organization assumed control amid troublesome conditions and guaranteed congruity and actualized upgrades on the club floor while having the capacity to keep up high worker assurance and engagement. The Navegante Group anticipates having the capacity to screen the proceeded with accomplishment of Hooters'.

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