The authorities of Goa have finally found a place for the local offshore casinos. However, there is one problem. At the moment, it is necessary to convince the casino owners that this is the best home for them.
Laxmikant Parsekar, an Indian politician and the Chief Minister of Goa, ordered to find a constant location for five floating casinos until March 31, 2017. However, they should not be located on the Mandovi river. It was reported that four docking sites had been offered as a potential home for casinos. However, the casino owners did not agree to settle their floating gambling establishments there.
It was also possible to locate the casinos at Chicalim Bay on the Zuari river. According to the local authorities, the Chicalim Bay is legally regulated by the Mormugao Port Trust.
However, the local residents donít want to have such neighbors. They donít support the decision of the authorities to allocate the site for five floating casinos at Chicalim Bay.
In addition, it does not seem that the casino owners are going to change the location of their gambling facilities without trying to preserve their initial location. They did not approve four docking sites offered initially. Therefore, all attempts to relocate floating casinos will surely be met negatively by the casino operators.
The casino owners believe that there is no sense in relocating the offshore casinos. This will not lead to some favorable changes for both operators and customers. 
We are going to remind our readers that the government of Goa agreed to renew the licenses of the offshore casinos only if they would find some new locations instead of the Mandovi river. This decision was made in March.
We hope that the problem with the floating casinos in Goa will be solved in the favorable way for all parties.
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