Pariplay Ltd., which is one of the most popular manufacturers of online games, as well as products for brick and mortar casinos and online lotteries, and Atari, which is one of the leading software developers, have recently released an instant win game called AtariÆ Asteroids. 
Both companies signed an agreement to manufacture several arcade games of chance. One of their joint products is the video slot called AtariÆ Black Widow. It was released in the first quarter of 2016.
The new instant win game was inspired by the classic video game released in 1979. The game can be considered as a first-person shooter. While playing this instant win game it is necessary to use laser canons to destroy asteroids in order to find hidden gems. It is a scratch game with nine cells. To receive a jackpot of $100,000, it is necessary to collect three identical symbols. 
The AtariÆ Asteroids instant win game can be played on both PCs and mobile devices. It can boast excellent graphics and amazing audio effects. To be sure, it is possible to wager and play automatically. The interface is available in several languages. In addition, users can place bets using one hundred various currencies. The game seems to be fairly profitable for gamblers. The theoretical payout percentage of the novelty released by Pariplay and Atari reaches 94.9%.
Adrian Bailey, General Manager at Pariplay Ltd., pointed out that the company had developed an excellent high-quality game. The company hopes that it will occupy its deserved place in the range of numerous casino operators and many customers of online casinos will enjoy it.
Both companies continue their partnership and will offer a new slot to their clients in August 2016.
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