A large-scale operation against the illegal online gambling business was conducted last weekend in Malaysia. The authorities chose an absolutely new tactic to punish lawbreakers. According to the new rules, the Malaysian police may confiscate not only PCs but also furniture of firms involved in illegal activities.

During the operation, the police found 21 offices of illegal operators in four regions. Over 150 police officers took part in this raid.

The new method of punishment is intended to prevent the relaunch of illegal enterprises, since furniture was confiscated along with PCs.

Azman Razali, the Chief of the operation, noted that the new strategy of punishment could have a serious effect on the operators, since computers could always be rented. However, furniture is usually owned by illegal gambling operators.

A representative of the authorities emphasized: "Renting PCs is much cheaper than the replacement of furniture in the office."

According to him, the success of this tactic is proven by the fact that 30% of operators have tried to resort to violence finding out about the confiscation of furniture. The Malaysian authorities have changed their tactic many times while combating illegal gambling. They even cut off electricity and water supply.

During the last raid, the police managed to confiscate 573 computers and 174 chairs. Unfortunately, most of the operators had been informed about the upcoming operation, so the raid was less successful than the previous ones.


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