Administration of New South Wales has decided to prohibit greyhound racing in this state located on the east coast of Australia.
Mike Baird, the Premier of New South Wales, confirmed that greyhound racing would not be available starting from July 1, 2017. The decision is based on the reports concerning a cruel attitude towards the animals.
The investigation showed that smaller animals (for example, rabbits and piglets) had been used to train greyhound dogs. To be sure, the dogs did not leave the animals alive. 
It was also found that over 68 thousand dogs had been killed. This was done due to the fact that the animals did not share those features that were necessary for successful races. 
The Special Commission of Inquiry reported about the fact that 180 dogs had been annually seriously injured during the races. And these injuries led to fatal cases. 
According to the Special Commission of Inquiry, the industry is unable to eliminate its shortcomings in the nearest future.
Information about banning greyhound racing led to a decrease in the price of bookmakersí shares. For example, the shares of Tabcorp dropped by 7%. 
However, the issue is still open, since it is ridiculous to prohibit greyhound racing and allow horse racing.
Other states of the country donít want to follow a New South Walesí example. Administrations of Victoria and Queensland announced that they were not interested in banning dog racing.
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