Executive General Ronald dela Rosa, head of the Philippine National Police , has requested a full speed direct of operations against illicit medications in the midst of the difficulty brought by the affirmed execution of 17-year old Kian Lloyd delos Santos. Dela Rosa said he issued the request amid their summon meeting a week ago that was gone to by provincial chiefs and leaders of police's National Support Units. 

Dela Rosa stated: 

My guidelines to my local executives: 'I am not requesting you to back off. I am requesting you to be on full speed. 

It was reviewed that the counter unlawful medications battle went moderate after the discussion caused by the execution-style passing of delos Santos professedly executed by Caloocan City policemen. Delos Santos was among the about 100 charged speculated medicate pushers and clients murdered amid three noteworthy operations in Bulacan, Manila, Caloocan, Navotas and Malabon. The clamor made by the demise of Kian however had died down after his folks met with President Duterte and was appeared in photograph opportunity doing a clench hand motion with the Chief Executive. 

Dela Rosa stated: 

I need a similar force. They ought not be diverted but rather, ensure that they do things appropriately. 

Beside unlawful medications, dela Rosa said he additionally issued a similar request against illicit betting operations the nation over. 

He included: 

The operations against unlawful betting is alright, there are certain improvements. 

The official, it was reviewed, gave police provincial chiefs 15 days to end the unlawful betting operations the nation over, particularly jueteng. He cautioned that they would sack them if the operations will proceed after his due date. The due date has effectively finished a few days back however there is still no declaration so far as who among the provincial executives bomb in their obligation. Up until this point, an aggregate of 17,186 individuals were captured in illicit betting operations the nation over while some P6.2 million were reallocated.

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