According to the decision of the Florida court, player-banked games at a local card room are considered to be illegal. This can have a significant impact on the local operators. 
Suzanne Van Wik, a local Judge, admitted that the player-banked games at the Jacksonville card room had broken the law prohibiting house-banked card games.
The card room called Kennel Club started providing such a kind of games in September. However, card rooms were allowed to offer the player-banked games in 2012. There are the following rules for such games: first of all, a player who will act as the ëhouseí is determined; then the other gamblers who are sitting at the table should play against him, instead of playing with each other.
However, there are some nuances and intricacies. The selected gamblers are usually employees of other companies and they donít play. Their task is to sit next to chips.
Such gamblers should pay a certain share of the staked funds to the card room. For example, approximately a dozen card rooms in Florida allow players to serve as such ëhousesí for 20% of their revenues.
It is emphasized in the decision of the court that such players cannot be technically considered to be the participants of the gameplay. Therefore, player-banked games should be banned.
The Jacksonville Kennel Club was forced to pay a $4,500 fine in accordance with the decision of the court. However, the other lawsuits were dismissed. For example, Suzanne Van Wik dismissed a charge to consider such players as those who were working without authorization in card rooms. 
The Seminole Tribe had a monopoly on house-banked card games. According to the order of the Governor Rick Scott, the monopoly had to be maintained. However, this bill was not approved by the lawmakers. 
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