A ton has changed on the live competition circuit in the course of the most recent decade, and those movements have been showed on the yearly Card Player of the Year leaderboard. Though in 2007 the principle consider that pushed players to achievement was scores in the enormous field $10,000 headliners on circuits like the World Poker Tour, in 2016, hot shot and super hot shot occasions have had of an impact in figuring out who dominates the competition. 

The normal purchase in for a competition in which the present main ten players scored focuses is an incredible $26,865. The main ten players in 2007 had a normal purchase in of just $4,727. The way that the normal purchase in for players at the top has been duplicated by more than 5.5 times ought to connote that in spite of the scratch that Black Friday put in the poker world, the cost of poker has never been higher. 

Obviously taking a gander at just two groupings of ten players is barely logically solid or decisive, however this recounted examination supports the clear pattern of hot shots turning out to be more important to contend at the exceptionally top of the circuit. Taking a gander at these two arrangements of main ten players, in 2016 just Ari Engel ($2,418) and Tony Dunst ($3,135) have normal purchase ins of under five figures for occasions that they last tabled. Fedor Holz is sitting with a normal of $70,424. In 2007, be that as it may, each and every main ten player had a normal of $8,450 of less. 

The bigger purchase ins haven't even fundamentally converted into more rewards. Despite the fact that Holz has unquestionably won a great deal of cash (almost $16 million), different players, for example, Justin Bonomo have won $2.4 million. Jonathan Little won a practically indistinguishable sum in 2007, yet just burned through $5,578 per money to do it contrasted with Bonomo's $21,288. In the mid 2000's the World Poker Tour was grinding away's pinnacle prominence and turnouts for $10,000 headliners were monstrous. Beat experts that could bring down those gigantic fields received colossal benefits. The current competition atmosphere, nonetheless, has seen extensive field competition purchase ins diminish, with less $10,000 headliners and more $5,000 and $3,500 marquee competitions on the and . 

Then again, while there were just a modest bunch of occasions with purchase ins surpassing the $10,000 value point in 2009, there are presently a few every month on the current live competition circuit. While some may discuss the relative benefits of winning an immense field headliner versus a nearly minor yet harder field in a hot shot occasion, it appears that regarding distinction and fan intrigue, enormous purchase in hot shots are the new headliners.

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