The previous draw of the US Powerball Lottery did not bring the absolute winner. That is why the progressive jackpot increased again. Now its amount is $311 million. Removing all taxes, it is possible to receive roughly $221 million in cash by a single payout. Alternatively, the winner can divide the entire amount into 29 equal annual payouts.
However, the Mega Millions jackpot reaches $540 million. It is supposed to be the biggest existing payout for gamblers.
Those who want to try their luck playing the Powerball lottery should pay two dollars. The aim of the lottery is to correctly predict six numbers. Five numbers should be selected out of 69 available numbers. In addition, the so-called Powerball number also should match. It is selected out of 26 numbers. Apart from the jackpot, users are provided with additional payouts. For example, if a player successfully predicts five basic numbers, he or she receives $1 million. Only 1 dollar is credited for those who guess the additional Powerball number.
If you pay one extra dollar, the so-called Power Play option becomes active. It allows multiplying all payouts. To be sure, the jackpot and prizes for five matched numbers are not multiplied. They get doubled. A multiplier size varies from 2x to 5x.
Everyone knows that it is extremely difficult to hit the jackpot. In the US Powerball Lottery the probability of hitting the jackpot is approximately 1:292.000,000. However, the odds for winning extra prizes are 1:25.
It is interesting to note that in May the jackpot worth 429 million dollars was won. However, it was not the biggest victory. $1.58 billion was shared between three lucky players in January. 
Tickets of the US Powerball Lottery can be purchased on such online portals as The Lotter, Play USA Lotteries, or LottoBooking. 
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