The most recent draw of the US Powerball Lottery that took place on July 16 did not lead to hitting the jackpot. Therefore, the current jackpot increased to $361,000,000. 
Fans of lotteries will be able to enjoy the next opportunity to try their luck on July 20. If any gambler wins, he or she will be able to obtain a single payout of $250,000,000. Alternatively, it is possible to receive the jackpot by 29 equal annual installments.
Despite the fact that the jackpot is a really life-changing amount, it is not as high as the payout received in January 2016. We are talking about 1.6 billion dollars. To be sure, such amounts attract numerous gamblers. Thus, ticket sales increase significantly. This results in higher revenues of lottery operators.
Letís briefly discuss the rules for the most popular American lottery.
There are two drums with 69 white balls and 26 red balls, respectively. Players should predict correctly five numbers from the first drum and one number from the second drum with red balls. If a player succeeds in matching all six numbers, he or she will hit the jackpot. If there are two or more winners, the jackpot will be split between the lucky gamblers.
However, if you predict only five white numbers, donít be upset. You will get $1,000,000 as a consolation prize. Meanwhile, the lowest possible payout is provided for a matched red number from the second drum. This correct prediction may bring 4 dollars.
The price of tickets is two dollars. If you pay one extra dollar, you will be able to receive a special Power Play multiplier that can not exceed 5x. It is used to increase your payout.
The US Powerball Lottery is available in 44 U.S. States. However, it is possible to purchase tickets almost in all countries of the world on the Internet using such resources as The Lotter, LottoExpress, and Play USA Lotteries. The mechanism of their activities is very simple. You should select the number, and agents of the website will buy real tickers where they are available. 
Keep in mind that the draws take part in Florida. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the time difference. 
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