President Rodrigo Duterte's Task Force on Illegal Gambling is becoming the dominant focal point in his war on wrongdoing this month, with major changes in the state-run Small Town Lottery (STL), which he trusts will at long last kill "jueteng," "masiao," two-ball and other illicit numbers recreations in the nation. Equity Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II is leader of the team alongside Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea and Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez, whose principle objective is to shake down the gaming business of illicit administrators and produce enormous assets for the President's social ventures. 

Aguirre said unlawful betting would be the third front in the President's hard and fast war against wrongdoing in the wake of beginning with illicit medications and proceeding onward to debasement. "After medications and defilement, I was told by the President to explore illicit betting, residential area lottery and internet betting. I'm quite recently sitting tight for the EO (official request)," Aguirre said. Illicit betting was one of the primary points in last Monday's Cabinet meeting, where the President communicated his arrangement to give free solution to poor Filipinos by creating billions of pesos in assessment incomes by bringing the pain on proprietors of unlawful numbers recreations, he said. 

Aguirre said that the team was practically completed with its changes in STL, while the official request would set out the forces and territories to be secured by the team in following illicit internet gaming administrators. Aguirre said the President's fundamental concern was the manner by which jueteng and masiao administrators could coopt the STL operations of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), which was propelled in the Arroyo organization particularly to sanction these numbers amusements. "It should slaughter jueteng yet it has just been transmitting 10 to 15 percent of what the President accepts ought to go to the administration," Aguirre said. 

"What the President needs is for the PCSO to gather everything that it ought to gain. That is the place he will get the cash to give free drug to Filipinos," he said. Aguirre said the President's principle targets were jueteng masters and masiao administrators who kept on flourishing notwithstanding endeavors to stop their illicit operations in the last couple of organizations. A National Bureau of Investigation report discharged in 2015 uncovered that STL administrators have cheated PCSO of in any event P50 billion a year by underdeclaring their business reports that served as the reason for the administration's share. 

The PCSO detailed just P4.7 billion in incomes from STL in 2015. The new PCSO board, drove by previous police Director Jose Jorge Corpuz as seat and previous Marine Major Gen. Alexander Balutan as general supervisor, addressed why the past administration had restricted the quantity of STL administrators to just 18 since it was propelled in 2006. As a major aspect of changes to make STL experience its unique reason as a "jueteng executioner," PCSO has extended the rundown of STL administrators to get more rivalry. It has additionally toughened up on the accumulation of the administration's share and took action against the pay off of police and nearby government defenders. 

Aguirre said more than 200 made an offer for the STL establishments and he anticipated that the PCSO would report the new and extended rundown of administrators before the finish of January. He didn't state what number of establishments would be permitted to work across the country. He said even claimed jueteng master Charlie "Atong" Ang was compelled to offer for the STL establishments as he has been working jai alai inside the Cagayan Freeport and its backup amusement, Virtual 2 Ball, Meridien Vista Gaming Corp. 

"He (Ang) needs to stop Meridien on the grounds that he needs to apply for a STL establishment. He doesn't pay charges dissimilar to STL which, despite the fact that they cheat, in any event pay to PCSO," said Aguirre, who was not certain if Ang won any STL establishment. Aguirre said the crackdown on STL and illicit numbers diversions started months before the Department of Justice and NBI busted gaming head honcho Jack Lam's unlawful betting operations at Fontana Casino in Pampanga and Fort Ilocandia in Ilocos Norte.

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