YouTube personalities ProSyndicate and TmarTn were caught red-handed playing on their own website where they were illegally promoting Counter Strike weapon skins.
Surprisingly, weapon skins have real-world monetary value for those who enjoy playing Counter Strike GO. It turned out that fans of gaming had spent over 800,000 dollars on skin betting in 2015.
The skin betting market is growing and nothing can stop its growth. It should be noted that weapon skins are especially popular among fans of Counter Strike 
Counter Strike is an online shooter created in 1999 by a team of developers on the basis of Half-Life. This game was free of charge and allowed users to take part in multi-player LAN tournaments. These features contributed to its incredible popularity. 
Its sequel called Counter-Strike:Global Offensive (CS:GO) appeared in 2012, becoming popular shortly after its release.
A new update allowed users to buy weapons. They appeared in special crates. To open them, it was necessary to pay real money. The prospects of weapon skins were appreciated by some businessmen. This led to creation of special websites that were providing the opportunity to exchange skins. There are the following websites that allow gamers to deal with skins: CSGO Lounge, CSGO Diamonds, and OPSkins.
Trevor ìTmarTnî Martin and Tom ìProSyndicateî Cassell filmed videos available on the site CSGO Lotto. In these videos they promoted weapon skins.
However, police found out that TmarTn had been the President of CSGO Lotto, and ProSyndicate had been its Vice President. Therefore, they owned the company and promoted it, simultaneously. Can you imagine this? Both of them operated a website without any regulation. 
To be sure, the website was blocked. TmarTn and ProSyndicate tried to remove all evidences of their illegal activities. However, all tweets and videos have been already saved.
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