Those who have won their first WSOP titles are usually forever engraved into our minds. Fans of poker constantly tell stories and create legends about them. However, some winners donít become objects of constant gossips and rumors. This is a story of one of such poker players, namely Randy Holland.
He is an intelligent and kind 64-year-old player from Los Angeles. However, his name is almost forgotten in the world of poker. Unfortunately, nobody recognizes him. However, it is no wonder that this happens, since his last gold bracelet was won in 2000. Nevertheless, his career is really worth paying attention to. Only a few players can boast such achievements as he has. We are talking about 404 cashes. And Hollandís total earnings reached $3.5 million. The largest payout in his career was $177,460.
Randy Holland regrets that nobody recalls his victories. However, according to Mr. Holland, his most valuable victory was an encounter with his future wife with whom Ready has been married for eighteen years. 
Randy Hollandís experience in poker is really impressive. He can tell a lot of stories about interesting situations that occurred at the poker tables or around them.
In the nineties Holland was one of the most successful players. However, this was before the poker boom observed in 2003. So, Holland remains unknown to many fans of gambling.
His first World Series of Poker took place in 1993. It is interesting to note that it was successful. Randy Holland managed to win a cash prize. At that time he was a lawyer.
This success encouraged Holland to play more and his efforts were not useless. However, Randy Holland does not recommend that young people should choose a career of professional poker players. He believes that it is better to become a poker player a little bit later than in young age. For example, he used to be a lawyer and became a poker player when he was about 40 years old. 
Poker gives him a chance to travel a lot, visit various American and European cities.
Holland used to attend tournaments with huge buy-ins. However, now he prefers playing events with entry fees that donít exceed 40 dollars.
Unfortunately, Holland did not succeed in winning his third gold bracelet.
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