The Canadian Loto-Quebec lottery income increased over one-third in the last year.
This online gambling organization reported that its website Espacejeux.com was very popular. It generated revenues exceeding by 35.2% the results of previous fiscal year. The income reached 66.2 million Canadian dollars.
According to representatives of the company, novelties of Espacejeux have contributed to attraction of new customers. We are primarily talking about its new mobile product. 
Taking into account the fact that Espacejeux has to compete with international online operators, the market share of the company reaches 25%. The company dreams of any artificial ways to make local bettors choose only Espacejeuxís offers.
And prayers of the companyís owners have been answered. The new law that bans operators of other countries was adopted. This step is done to protect bettors. However, the minister of finance has already admitted that its aim is to generate 27 million dollars of income by Espacejeux.
According to Loto-Quebec, the adopted law will destroy competition on the Quebecís online gambling market. The absence of competitors led to an increase in revenues by almost
The revenue of the local lottery industry rose by 10% to $1.8 billion. As for casino revenues, they increased by 3.8%, reaching 806.2 million dollars.
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