Moving Meadows may soon join Elk Grove Village, Hoffman Estates, Wheeling and Prospect Heights as one of the Northwest rural towns that permits video betting at bars, eateries and different foundations. A proposed mandate to allow the betting machines earned the help of five of Rolling Meadows' seven councilmen this week - a move from past city committees' dismissal of video betting in 2014 and 2016. The cosmetics of the gathering has changed, and one council member even said she's altered her opinion. 

Supporters, including neighborhood entrepreneurs and Rolling Meadows Chamber of Commerce authorities, say the machines could give a genuinely necessary monetary jolt, help fill opportunities in strip shopping centers and give an extra income source to city coffers. Adversaries have addressed whether video betting really gives a lot of income. Vince Bufalino, proprietor of Stadium Sports Club and Pizza and the Meadow Square Shopping Center, urged councilmen Tuesday to permit betting machines, with an end goal to stay focused with foundations in different towns. 

Said Bufalino: 

The financial atmosphere for retail space is an exceptionally troublesome one. I am off guard with the numerous towns that permit video gaming and need a more level playing field all together for my business to survive and for the mall to stay reasonable. 

In a first-perusing vote Tuesday, Aldermen Tim Veenbaas and Robert Banger Jr. voted against the law, however they didn't examine their restriction. Amid a 2016 chamber meeting, Banger said he loved the pride of being in a residential community with solid family esteems and didn't need video betting to change that. Council member Laura Majikes, at first contradicted to the thought, said amid a board of trustees meeting in February she's changed her position and circumstances are different. Council member Nick Budmats proposed a revision that video betting be allowed entirely in foundations that serve nourishment, yet just Veenbaas bolstered that proposition. 

Neighboring people group like Schaumburg, Palatine, Inverness and Arlington Heights don't permit video betting. Hoffman Estates and Elk Grove Village presently each have 22 areas with 105 video betting machines, the previous accepting $377,784 in video betting receipts between February 2017 and February 2018, and the last getting $363,549, as indicated by Illinois Gaming Board records. Five percent of net income goes to a region and 25 percent to the state, with the terminal administrator and authorized foundation part the rest of. The Rolling Meadows committee is relied upon to take a last vote April 24.

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