Russian government has implemented new gambling-related regulations. Added amendments will have impact on both operators and gamblers.The first issue that is being discussed at the moment is whether to allow paying with the help of foreign currencies in gambling zones or not. The Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, and the Ministry for the Development of the Far East should prepare a draft bill that will regulate use of foreign currencies in gaming zones. The Russian Ministry of Finance organized consultations concerning new rules for application of foreign currencies.

Russia offers six special gambling zones. However, only four of them are providing gambling-related offers. We are talking about Primorye, Yantarnaya, Azov-City, and Siberian Coin. Two other gambling zones will be opened in Sochi and Crimea.

Betting offices in Belgorod will probably pay very high taxes for their activities. It is explained by the fact that the Belgorod Regional has recently approved the law that regulates taxes for gambling-related activities. According to this law, bookmakers will be forced to pay a lot to have an opportunity to provide their services.

At the moment, the taxes reach 7,000 rubles. This sum is equal to about one hundred dollars. The new law increases this amount to 125 thousand rubles, i.e. approximately 2,000 dollars. The regional officials may select the size of taxes on gambling individually in accordance with the current regulations. This is intended to fill the local treasuries.

At the moment, only ten bookmakers can afford to pay such taxes.

In addition, the regional authorities also approved a betting bill. 

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