Shoki Kasahara, a former professional baseball player, announced that he had taken part in illegal gambling activities.
Shoki Kasahara was arrested in April for making bets on the outcome of baseball matches and baseball school games. The suspect admitted his involvement in illicit betting activities.
He cooperated with Satoshi Saito. They created a special betting pattern with the help of which they earned money from other players (for example, Satoshi Fukuda and Ryuya Matsumoto). Shoki Kasahara stimulated Kyosuke Takagi to wager on the outcome of several games in spring of 2014. However, apart from encouraging his colleagues to gamble, he used to wager himself on baseball matches. In addition, he played mahjong and golf for real money.
All of the players mentioned above were suspended from baseball, except for Takagi. He is banned for one year only. Such an insignificant term is explained by his short-term involvement in illegal gambling.
However, Yomiuri Giants, a Kasaharaís team, had to pay fines that reached 15 million Japanese yens.
This scandal can affect the efforts to enroll baseball in the schedule of the Olympic Games in 2020. Hidetoshi Fujisawa, CEO of the Tokyo Olympics, reported that this affair could have an impact on the attitude of fans and other people to baseball as a whole.
Gambling and betting are prohibited in Japan. It is only allowed to wager on horse races and bicycle competitions in the country. Illegal gamblers can be sentenced up to 5 years in prison.
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