Skin betting and digital currencies have attracted attention of British gambling regulators. It was stated in the report of the UK Gambling Commission that it would focus on the situation with bitcoins and skin betting. According to the British gambling authorities, it is necessary to tightly regulate eSports and digital currencies, protecting players from the possible negative impact of them. It is necessary to reduce the influence of such activities on children and adolescents in order to prevent possible complications. 
eSports skin betting has become a very popular topic of conversations since recently. It is explained by a notorious affair with promoting betting portals. It is interesting to note that those who were engaged in the promotion of the websites were their owners. Moreover, this information was hidden from gamblers. Another fraud was also associated with skin betting. It was found that the outcome of skin betting activities had been determined in advance in order to advertise the opportunity to make a profit.
Such news forced Valve Corporation, a US-based video games developer and manufacturer of CounterStrike:Global Offensive, to prohibit various websites to demonstrate the Valveís Steam marketplace. In addition, Twitch stopped to provide the content that is not allowed in accordance with the initiative of Valve Corporation. Valve was also accused of the inability to prevent children from CounterStrike:Global Offensive skin betting.
However, there is also positive news for eSports. In particular, Unikrn, which is the worldwide leader in eSports betting, has decided to offer an eSports 18+ zone at the ResonateñTotal Gaming festival. This event will take place on July 29 in Glasgow, Scotland. 
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