Mr. Geordin Hill-Lewis, a member of the South African Democratic Alliance, did not succeed in convincing the Members of Parliament to open up the local online gambling market by promising incredible revenues from regulation of online casinos and poker sites.
In early May, Geordin Hill-Lewis was dissatisfied with the decision of the South African Trade and Industry Committee to present a report designed to denounce the Remote Gambling Bill. The National Assembly of South Africa discussed whether to approve the report provided by the Trade and Industry Committee or reject it. Jan Esterhuizen, a member of the Freedom Party, supported the bill during debates in the Parliament. Emphasizing once again the favorable influence of gambling legalization and regulation on tax revenues, Esterhuizen focused on the fact that numerous gaming websites were offering its services in the country, despite the possible penalties and fines for operators and players.
According to the legislation, any person or gaming operator accused of providing or using illegal gambling opportunities can be penalized. Fines may reach 10 million South African rand. This amount is equal to $6.3 million. It is also possible to be sentenced to 10 years in prison for such illegal activities.
The current situation on the gambling market of South Africa is worth mentioning. All legal online gambling activities are limited to sports betting. Hill-Lewis has been trying to change the situation on the market over several years. However, his efforts seem to be absolutely useless. Officials always oppose his initiatives and donít agree that legalization of other kinds of online gambling can be beneficial for the state and its residents. 
The Department of Trade and Industry announced in January 2015 that it did not aim to legalize other kinds of online gambling. However, Hill-Lewis does not give up and continues his struggle for minds of politicians.
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